Embroidered crown sand “blueberries & flower”

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Material: cotton

Embroidery always makes clothes and accessories special and unique. Especially if it is a crown! Embroidered crowns will bring some kind of magic to your baby's ordinary day. You can be gorgeous floral princess or misterious forest elf. And what an amazing birthday party it will be with some flowers or bluberries on your crown! Just use your imagination!
Every crown is hand knitted and hand embroidered, made of OEKO-TEX certified cotton.


- sustainable and timeless accessory
- item, made of premium quality cotton yarn
- care instruction for each P&C item to serve you for a long time, so then you can pass it from one child to another
- brand cotton bag for careful storage
- a lot of love and gratitude

Actual colors may vary a bit due to the individual monitor color settings


Age - head circumference (cm/inches)

newborn - up to 44 cm/up to 17,4"
0-12 months - up to 46 cm/up to 18,2"
12-24 months - 46-48 cm/up to 19"

2-4 years - 48-52 cm/up to 20,5"
4-6 years - 52-54 cm/up to 21,3"