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celebration ring

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Of German origin, this ring celebrates the first twelve years of a child's life. Decorate it with candles, beeswax figurines, elements of nature or any other pretty creations. When you light the candles, tell your child's birth story or some other beautiful memory that celebrates them.

The celebration ring is a great tradition to build into your family. It also pays tribute to the seasons and the various associated festivals. Beautify your space every time!

The ring is separated in two for easy storage and to offer different ways of arranging the ring

Materials: cherry wood and beeswax (natural mixture of beeswax, carnauba wax and mineral oil - food grade)

Includes: cherry tree ring with 12 holes

Not included: decoration items, candles, candle holders 

Dimensions : 23 cm  (internal diameter 16 cm ) 

*** For safety reasons, it is important to use a candle holder when using candles on the celebration ring.  

Customer Reviews

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RaeJean Barone

Products, packaging and quality was outstanding.
Loved doing business and will again ❤️

Laura Evans
Centre of our table

We love our celebration ring, we use it in the centre of our table and light a candle at each meal. This helped us break our 4 year old’s habit of watching tv while eating. She lights the candle with us and it has made us gather together at meals. Looking forward to using it for my sons 1st birthday soon too! Looks sweet and we also collect treasures to keep in the middle, currently there are seashells and crystals in our ring. Looking forward to seeing if new shapes will be available soon too. Highly recommend.